Portent Poetry Contest is now open.

Please see Portent Contest page for more details on how to submit.

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Portal, VIU’s annual literary magazine launched each year in April, is a gateway to accomplished short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, scripts, interviews, art and photography by Vancouver Island University students. All chosen entries will undergo a professional editing process to polish their work to the highest standard before publishing.

Portal is now inviting submissions from all VIU students in any department on all campuses for its 2021 issue. There is no submission fee. Pieces are selected through blind judging so please do not include your name on the works themselves. We welcome all previously unpublished genres and subgenres of:

  • Short Fiction/or excerpts of longer works
  • Poetry
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Scripts (film, video, stage)
  • Original Artwork
  • Photography

Please read and follow guidelines carefully.


  • Please do not submit more than 3 pieces of 2000 words each (scripts 10-page max please). Please put the title on each numbered page.
  • Formats: .doc .docx .rtf
  • File name: fullname-titleofsubmission


  • Maximum 5 titled/captioned pieces in colour or grayscale (for graphic art/narratives, a 4-page maximum please), 8.5 x 11 landscape or portrait. No watermarks.
  • Formats: .tif .png (minimum 300 dpi)
  • File names: fullname-titleofsubmission

If you are submitting Artwork/Photography as well as Print submissions, please attach each as separate emails. One for Artwork/Photograph and one for Print.

All voting is done by 20+ students in the CREW 431 class privately over the Christmas holidays and is blind, ie only the Acquisitions Editor will have access to the following information included only in the body of your email:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Title of Submission(s)
  • Your year of study (first, second, third, fourth, Masters etc for statistical purposes in order to increase inclusion across programs)

First published in 1991, the 2021 issue will be 96-pages of full-colour and will include an interview with Canadian poet Gregory Scofield, book reviews, a contest, and more. Find us on newsstands in bookstores across the country.

Final Deadline:
Friday, November 27th @ midnight
Please e-mail submissions to


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