Words to transport you

Creativity that conveys, carries, and conducts.
Explorations that elevate, enchant, and entrance.
Prose that provokes. Stories that spellbind. Tales that thrill.

Portal invites all VIU students in any department on all campuses to submit original written and visual works for print publication in our…

What type of magazine is Portal?

  • Annual

    For over 30 years and counting

  • Colourful

    Artwork, photography, and writing on 96 full-colour pages

  • Canadian

    Vancouver Island based in Nanaimo, BC

  • Literary

    Short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, and scripts + interviews and book reviews

Portal 2023 Portent Prize Winner


"Free and Hard"

Gustafson Poet

Photo of NourbeSe, Portal 2023 Gustafson Poet

M. NourbeSe Philip


  • Book Reviews
All is Well

The title of Katherine Walker’s novel, All is Well, is intended to be ironic as we learn from the opening…


The truth is, Peter doesn’t like his job at all. It’s a show. Instead of handling problems simply, his bosses…

Danceland Diary

dee Hobsbawn-Smith’s Danceland Diary is a mysterious novel that, at its heart, is a disturbing account of family history going back three…


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Portal 2023 Cover / Cover Photo: "Afghan Swans" by Seth Scott

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