• All is Well (2021) by Katherine Walker

    All is Well

    The title of Katherine Walker’s novel, All is Well, is intended to be ironic as we learn from the opening paragraph. There is a dead man lying on the rug in Reverend Christine Wright’s church office.

  • Bystander (2022) by Mike Steeves


    The truth is, Peter doesn’t like his job at all. It’s a show. Instead of handling problems simply, his bosses debate them in meetings and make him comfort the clients.

  • Danceland Diary (2022) by dee Hobsbawn Smith

    Danceland Diary

    dee Hobsbawn-Smith’s Danceland Diary is a mysterious novel that, at its heart, is a disturbing account of family history going back three generations.

  • No Stars in the Sky

    [Book Review] No Stars in the Sky is a breathtaking collection of 19 short stories that connect women facing life-altering moments of loneliness, grief, and loss.

  • Only Human

    Kirsten Dayne reads her short story “Only Human” published in Portal 2022. Related Images:

  • Portfolio – Frances Peck

    Join us in the attic for our Portfolio Reading Series! Our next event features fiction author Frances Peck, who will be reading selections from her debut novel, The Broken Places. Opening readers include Henry Osbourne, Nicole Kaastra, Liz Baltzer, and Alyssa Cunningham.

  • The Witch's Diary cover


    [Book Review] The Witch’s Diary is a great read for anyone who is, has, or will soon be looking for work after acquiring student debt; life can vex you, but supportive friends, staying true to oneself, and the fine art of persistence will make you adept enough to ace any test worth taking.

  • The Annual Migration of Clouds cover


    [Book Review] Premee Mohamed’s The Annual Migration of Clouds is a speculative novella that foreshadows post-apocalyptic Alberta, a place where climate change has ravaged the province and a mysterious intergenerational parasite called Cadastrulamyces fungi (Cad for short) can control the host’s body and mind.

  • To Know You're Alive cover


    [Book Review] Written and drawn by Dakota McFadzean between 2013 and 2020, To Know You’re Alive is a collection of graphic works printed in a combination of pink and black ink on white paper, allowing the medium to take on the characteristic look and feel of the ‘funny pages’ of a local newspaper. A splash of colour adds beautiful elegance to McFadzean’s simple art while delving into complex ideas with an often-chilling subtext. This unease invites the reader to question what they take for granted to be safe or familiar.