• Portfolio – Délani Valin

    Portal's reading series is back for fall 2023! Join us in the attic where keynote speaker Délani Valin will read from her debut poetry collection, Shapeshifters.

  • All is Well (2021) by Katherine Walker

    All is Well

    The title of Katherine Walker’s novel, All is Well, is intended to be ironic as we learn from the opening paragraph. There is a dead man lying on the rug in Reverend Christine Wright’s church office.

  • Bystander (2022) by Mike Steeves


    The truth is, Peter doesn’t like his job at all. It’s a show. Instead of handling problems simply, his bosses debate them in meetings and make him comfort the clients.

  • Danceland Diary (2022) by dee Hobsbawn Smith

    Danceland Diary

    dee Hobsbawn-Smith’s Danceland Diary is a mysterious novel that, at its heart, is a disturbing account of family history going back three generations.

  • I Hate The Ivy League: Riffs and Rants on Elite Education (2022) Podcast by Malcolm Gladwell

    I Hate the Ivy League

    [Book Review] Gladwell’s signature style is reliably on display in I Hate the Ivy League, a journalist’s perfect blend of field research and expert interviews that lend authority to his critique. His relatable, down-to-earth perspective and impassioned narration strike close to the heart as listeners learn about the racial and class barriers that tarnish the egalitarian reputation of this education system, however unearned.

  • No Stars in the Sky

    [Book Review] No Stars in the Sky is a breathtaking collection of 19 short stories that connect women facing life-altering moments of loneliness, grief, and loss.

  • We Cry in Silence (2022) by Smita Sharma

    We Cry in Silence

    [Book Review] Sharma shows us Indian police stations, train stations, and brothels, offering powerful portraits while hiding the identity of the subject.