We Knew Them When…

The following authors have gone on to write books since gracing the pages of Portal and/or graduating with a BA in Creative Writing and Journalism from VIU:

Rhonda Batchelor: Bearings (Brick Books), Interpreting Silence (Beach Holme), Weather Report (Beach Holme) and She Loves You (Dundurn)

Margo Button: Heron Cliff (Signature), Blue Dahlias (Leaf), The Elder’s Palace (Oolichan), The Unhinging of Wings (Oolichan), Shadows Fall Behind (Oolichan)

Kim Clark: Attemptations (Caitlin Press), Middle Child of Summer (Leaf Press), Sit You Waiting (Caitlin Press), and A One-Handed Novel (Caitlin Press)

Ian Gibson: Stuff of Legends (Ace Books)

Jolene Heathcote: What’s Between Us Can’t Be Heard (Ekstasis)

Devin Krukoff: Hummingbird (Freehand), Flyaways (Thistledown), Compensation (Thistledown)

Danielle Lagah: Father Tongue (Oolichan)

Sina Queyras: My Ariel (Coach House), MxT (Coach House), Autobiography of Childhood (Coach House), Unleashed (Book Thug) Expressway (Coach House), Lemon Hound (Coach House), Teethmarks (Nightwood), Slip (ECW)

Elizabeth Ross: After Birth (Palimpsest), Kingdom (Palimpsest)

Lori Shwydky: What’s In It for Me? (Rebel Mountain)

Shanon Sinn: Haunting of Vancouver Island: Supernatural Encounters with the Other Side (TouchWood Editions)

Kerry Trevelyan Gilbert: Little Red (Mother Tongue), Tight Wire (Mother Tongue), kerplnk (Kalamalka)

Paul Tyler: A Short History of Forgetting (Gaspereau Press)

Ursula Vaira: And See What Happens: The Journey Poems (Caitlin Press)

Troy Wilson: GoldiBooks and the Wee Bear (Running Press Kids), Little Red Reading Hood and the Misread Wolf (Running Press Kids), Dog Ultra Dog! (Owlkids), The Sinking of Captain Otter (Owlkids), Liam Takes a Stand (Owlkids), The Duck Says (North Winds), Perfect Man (Orca Books).

Carol Windley: Midnight Train to Prague (HarperCollins), Homeschooling (Cormorant), Breathing Under Water (Oolichan), Visible Light, (Oolichan)