In each annual issue, Portal publishes 6 book reviews—typically 2 of fiction titles, 2 of non-fiction, and 1-2 of poetry (sometimes we even have script!) As our 20-person masthead each review a title published in the last year from an independent Canadian press and author, we also want to share those with you here. We are grateful to past students and to our partner Canadian publishers for this opportunity to promote great Canadian talent to our readers.



Recent Reviews

Reviews by the Portal 2023 masthead are listed alphabetically by title. Click to read!

All is Well
Katherine Walker


Thistledown Press, 2021
229 pages
ISBN: 9781771872218


Reviewed by
Tammi Carto

Danceland Diary 
Dee Hobsbawn Smith


Radiant Press, 2022
232 pages
ISBN: 9781989274828


Reviewed by
Zeel Desai

We Cry in Silence
Smita Sharma


FotoEvidence, 2022
ISBN: 9781732471191


Reviewed by
Seth Scott

The Boy Who Saw
the Colour of Air 

Abdo Wazen
(Translated by Nouha Homad)


BookLand Press, 2022
115 pages
ISBN: 9781772311808


Reviewed by
Joyce Smith

I Hate the Ivy League:
Riffs and Rants on
Elite Education

Malcolm Gladwell

Pushkin Industries, 2022
5 hours 11 minutes
ISBN: 9781735803265

Reviewed by
Jack Corfield

Mike Steeves


Book*hug Press, 2022
257 pages
ISBN: 9781771667104


Reviewed by
Rebecca Liu

No Stars in the Sky
Martha Batiz


House of Anansi Press, 2022
300 pages
ISBN: 9781487010027


Reviewed by
Barbara Burgardt

Past Reviews

Reviews by Portal alumni are grouped by genre and arranged by year of publication in descending order.