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Meet the Editors

Kiara Fiction Editor What are you studying? I am majoring in creative writing with a minor in psychology and loving both! My focus streams under the...


Stress and Creativity

“Imagination is tapping into the subconscious in a form of open play. That is why art or music therapy, which encourages a person to take up...


You Owe it to Yourself to Write

Are you a writer? Perhaps you are not published in literary magazines or negotiating a book deal, but if an hour spent creating a literary work (however infrequently...


Portal’s November in Photos

November has been abundant with events: 2 Gustafson Distinguished Poet events with internationally-acclaimed poet Lorna Crozier, a beer ’n burger fundraiser, Portfolio reading featuring Writer’s Trust...


Seeking a Literary Community

As writers, we spend long nights in dark rooms with glaring desktop screens and stalled fingertips. As readers, our eyes crust over long before we’re ready...


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