Seeking a Literary Community

As writers, we spend long nights in dark rooms with glaring desktop screens and stalled fingertips. As readers, our eyes crust over long before we’re ready to put the book down and sleep – even then, the stories follow us into dreamland.

A table crowded with laptops, hands typing away.

So many of us spend our time in isolation thinking – romantically, incorrectly – that this is how all the Greats write. Introversion has its perks, sure, but there’s a bigger world out there if you discard your recluse attire (fuzzy socks, baggy T-shirts) and socialize again.

The possibility that my words will be read is the encouragement I need to get out among a literary community: workshops; coffee dates with other writers; writing festivals and other literary events; book clubs; writing clubs; readings.

In the Creative Writing program, our communities come in the form of small classes. Portal is no exception –  20 people who keep me focused and encouraged, and that’s just on Tuesdays.

However, in 6 months, my VIU communities will expire and I will have to seek out others so I’ve made a shortlist of candidates like these:

I’m trying to approach my writing community in the right frame of mind (the first step was calling myself a Writer) by welcoming feedback and constructive criticism about how to turn my weaknesses into strengths, and how to not only grow, but flourish.

My ideal is a welcoming literary community of tough love, tougher support, and unending inspiration. So crawl out of the dark corners of your room and join Portal on November 15th, 2018 for a night of readings – more details to follow.

– Caileigh Broatch, Co-Managing Editor