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Portal Blog

Collaboration: The Key to Creative Minds

March 17, 2018

Communication between team members and contributors is absolutely vital to the production of Portal from assigning roles on our masthead to the launch of the finished issue. Telling others we appreciate their work is encouraging and helps to keep up morale and quality. As…

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Look at the Forest

March 10, 2018

So you’ve gotten your piece into Portal. Now what? Aspiring writers eagerly await acceptance emails and jump for joy when they see the notification appear in the inbox. All the earlier stress and revisions were worth it. As a non-fiction editor for this…

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Assembling the Puzzle

February 24, 2018

When you walk into a new course, you’re usually entirely in charge of how well you’ll do in the class. You decide how hard to work and your grade will reflect that. Unless you’re in a group project, you’re only responsible for yourself….

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Hearing Voices

February 11, 2018

Over the New Year, we read 400 pages of submissions for the 2018 issue of Portal, a diverse range of voices on VIU’s campus. Each of the authors selected had a unique voice, something hard to define but easy to spot. During one…

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Blind Statistics

February 8, 2018

The submissions are in, the team at Portal has made its decisions, and the editorial group is hard at work polishing the excellent work we received for this year’s edition. Portal takes this judging process very seriously; the creative writing community at VIU…

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Editing Your Script for Portal

January 30, 2018

Editing a script is as imperative as writing it. WithPortal’s shorter word maximum, however, additional issues should be considered to make a great first impression. While countless guides, like Ray Morton‘s or Jeanne Veillette Bowerman’s, stress how the best works can convey a world in just a few words, most of…

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