About Portal

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Prime words. Compelling art. Momentous beginnings. Portal is your gateway to accomplished short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, scripts, interviews, art, and photography by VIU students. Enter Portals literary universe and discover worlds and futures ready to unfold, language and images — provocative, passionate, or playful. What makes Portal so portentous? It is “of ourselves and our origins” — a contemporary portrait of literary talent in the making, a portable guide to VIu from here.

Portal is available for purchase at the VIU bookstore, and on newsstands across the country. It is also available locally at the north and south Nanaimo branches of the Vancouver Island Regional Library. Back issues are $7 respectively, while the 2018 issue is $10. Back issues from 1991 through to 2017 are also available here online as full free PDFs.

Portal is published by students in Vancouver Island University’s Creative Writing and Journalism department.

Meet the 2017 Portal Team

Jesse Bixby

Managing Editor / Fiction Editor

Jesse Bixby is a third-year Creative Writing student at VIU. She currently works as Managing Editor at Portal and Features Editor at the Navigator. Jesse hopes to work in the publishing industry as an editor after graduation in 2019. Her book review in Portal is her first publication in a literary magazine.

Quinn Stacey

Acquisitions Editor / Business & Production Manager

Quinn Stacey has taken courses at VIU in graphic design, digital photography, visual arts and did a year at Concordia University in Creative Writing as well as a BA in Creative Writing at VIU. He has published in The Mind’s Eye, co-founded The Blind River Vocalion, a literary magazine that published six issues, operated a performance venue called The Chrome Horse, and has hosted many concerts and poetry readings. He graduates in April 2018.

Joel Simmons

Acquisitions Editor / Poetry Editor

Joel A. Simmons was poetry editor for the 25th-anniversary issue of Portal in 2016 and has reprised the role for the 2018 issue. “Glimpses” is his second publication in the magazine.

Caileigh Broatch

Fiction Editor / Web Editor

Caileigh Broatch is in her third year of her BA at VIU, with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in English. She is a fiction editor for this issue.

Megan Wolfe

Fiction Editor / Social Media Editor

Megan Wolfe is in her penultimate year of her Creative Writing degree before having to face the real world. She spends her time at Portal making up puns and posts while planning various events and fundraisers and posting on social media for the magazine.

Aislinn Cottell

Poetry Editor / Copy Editor

Aislinn Cottell is a third-year BA student, pursuing combined studies in Creative Writing and Chemistry. An avid reader with a passion for Oxford commas, she hopes to build her career as a writer and editor after graduation. Cottell was first published in Portal’s 2017 issue with her poem “An Anxiety Solution Via the Scientific Method,” and won the Cowichan Valley Slam Poetry competition in 2014. She has worked as news editor for The Navigator and is currently the magazine’s copy editor.

Heather Froese

Poetry Editor / Feature Writer / Art Director

Heather Froese is a third-year Journalism and Creative Writing student who hopes to specialize in feature writing and poetry. She was first published in Portal’s 2017 issue with a poem titled “The War Room,” and the following school year she joined the Portal team. For our 2018 issue, she has worked as poetry editor and interviewed Ralph Gustafson Distinguished Poet Fred Wah for a feature in the 2018 issue.

Chynna Moore

Script Editor / Fundraising, Events and Launch Team

Chynna Moore is a Creative Writing major at VIU. Her script, “Last Moll for Miles” appears in this edition of Portal. She is a member of the Events and Fundraising team.

Megan Johnson Barr

Script Editor / Audio-Visual Editor

Megan Johnson Barr is a third-year Media Studies major and Creative Writing minor with specialities in videography and screenwriting. She is this year’s audio/visual editor, a social media editor, and the script editor for the 2018 issue.

Cole Schisler

Non-Fiction Editor / Feature Writer / Print Publicity

Cole Schisler is a third-year Creative Writing student with a focus on creative non-fiction and dramatic writing. He is the Managing Editor of The Navigator and Editor of The Compass. He is also a radio programmer and board member at 101.7 CHLY FM.

Catherine Charlebois

Non-Fiction Editor / Copy Editor / Print Publicity

Catherine Charlebois is a fourth-year student completing a BA History and a minor in Journalism. She has previously worked as both the Sports and Lifestyle Editor and Production Manager for The Navigator and as Editor for The Compass. In 2016, she received the British Columbia and Yukon Community Journalism Scholarship Award. She graduates April 2018. Visit her blog at frozenconstellations.wordpress.com

Rachel Jackson

Art Director

Rachel Jackson is in her final year studying Creative Writing and History. A published poet and artist, her work has appeared in (parenthetical) and Portal’s 2016 and 2017 issues. This is her second year on the Portal team and she hopes to apply all that she learned last year to her role as Art Director of the new issue. You can follow her artistic endeavors @berryraindropp on Instagram.

Chantelle Nazareth

Fundraising, Events, Launch Team

Chantelle Nazareth is an international student from India, currently completing her BA. Her writing has been published in the CJM Bulletin and Flame magazine. She is part of the Fundraising and Events team and enjoys coming up with new ideas for the magazine’s promotion. She is currently working on a four-book mystery/thriller series and plans to pursue a future in scriptwriting for TV and short films upon graduation.