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Fostering Creative Community

If there’s one thing I took away from the art careers class I took in third year, it’s that you need to leave your house and interact with other creative people. Some call it networking, but it doesn’t need to be as formal as this implies.

Going to book launches, gallery openings, EP releases, the opening night of a play, zine festivals, creative competitions, etc., is about building community, and supporting like-minded individuals. This sort of ‘networking’ doesn’t end after swapping business cards.

If you go to these kinds of events regularly, you will begin to see familiar faces, making friends and acquaintances in a variety of industries. These are the people who will think of you when an opportunity comes up. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, business is all about who you know. I believe this is doubly true for the business of being creative.

Finding value in the hard work and dedication of others, and supporting them, monetarily or with likes and comments and sharing on social media, contributes to the creative economy. They’ll return the favour when the spotlight is on you.

If you think about it, attending Vancouver Island University gives you an insider’s pass to creative events in Nanaimo. School has the benefit of a built-in community of peers – take advantage while you can. The connections you make here could last a lifetime.


VIU Art Club

VIU Creative Writing Club 

VIU Arts and Humanities



Recent and upcoming events in Nanaimo

Every Wednesday       Open Mic @ The Vault

18 March                     Write In Nanaimo – March

22 April                       Write In Nanaimo – April

1-2 December              Nanaimo Artwalk (Registration OPEN. Deadline 31 July)


– Rachel Jackson, Art Director

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