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Collaboration: The Key to Creative Minds

Communication between team members and contributors is absolutely vital to the production of Portal from assigning roles on our masthead to the launch of the finished issue. Telling others we appreciate their work is encouraging and helps to keep up morale and quality.

As editors, we frequently have open and creative discussions with contributors while working their piece for publication. Collaboration is key to writing something that’s unique and blends many different experiences and viewpoints into one work of art.

Working as a poetry editor and feature writer for Portal has meant many emails to poets from VIU and with our featured Gustafson poet, and former Parliamentary Poet Laureate Fred Wah. It’s been vital for me to approach every interaction with a sense of anticipation and respect for what I can learn as much as what I can offer.

Portal has been a wonderful team experience and I cannot wait for this issue to arrive and make its way to our readers. Look for it mid-April on campus, at the VIU Bookstore and at our launch (venue and date TBC).


-Heather Froese, Feature Writer

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