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Assembling the Puzzle

When you walk into a new course, you’re usually entirely in charge of how well you’ll do in the class. You decide how hard to work and your grade will reflect that. Unless you’re in a group project, you’re only responsible for yourself. CREW 430/431 (Portal magazine) is not like other courses.

We rely on each other. When we’re planning an event, whether it be a beer and burger, or the magazine launch, we all have to do our part. The fundraising team needs to look for and book appropriate venues, the designer needs to create a poster, the marketing team needs to put up the posters, the social media team needs to post the event on social media, and the entire class needs to sell tickets, come together to set up, execute the event, and clean up afterward.

The same goes for the actual production of the magazine. After the class has decided which pieces selected for the magazine based on genre balance and editorial strength, each editing team has to do their job. From substantive and line edits to copy edits, the script, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction editors are responsible for getting their pieces edited and sent off to the authors in a timely manner. If they don’t do their jobs, the entire production schedule and deadline to go to print is at risk. Lucky for Portal, we have a team of hardworking, dedicated individuals who are aware of these responsibilities and execute them well.

While the Portal staff do work in a classroom setting, our actions don’t only affect our own grades – it affects the magazine’s reputation, the authors’ and /aritsts’/photographers’ work, the designer’s schedule, and our department’s finances. We are a class that is reliant on 13 students this year to make sure everything goes smoothly for all involved. We’re a team, a group of individuals with different talents coming together to assemble the puzzle: our 2018 issue.

-Megan Johnson Barr, Social Media Editor.


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